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Soil Stack Replacement in Harrow

Plumber Harrow will provide you with access to expert plumbers who are proficient in matters related to the assessment, repair, and replacement of water pipes and drains. We have a trained team to handle any plumbing problem. Plumbers Harrow has a reputation for quality service, and we guarantee your satisfaction no matter the work scope. This article will provide an overview of how to conduct a soil stack replacement in Harrow. So, keep reading.

What is soil stack replacement?

Before we move further, let us first understand what this procedure involves. A soil stack pipe is a pipe that carries sewage and wastewater from a building’s internal drainage system to the soil through a vertical line that rises outside or inside the building. It is commonly attached to the outside of a building. This process also allows odours to escape and air to enter the drain to facilitate drainage. The replacement process takes place when there is a leak or damage of some kind to the pipe, thus calling for a soil stack replacement in Harrow.

Over time, these stacks wear out, and this is where you need to think about maintaining your soil stack pipe. Other times when you may require a soil stack repair is when they get blocked. Furthermore, since these soil stacks often have horizontal and vertical-shaped soil stack pipes, these bends tend to experience any blockages compared to the rest of the drainage. With buildup from oil and grease, toilet waste etc, these blocks would gradually call for a soil stack repair. On the other hand, a replacement would mean exerting extra time to replace a soil stack from a particular segment of the existing pipe at your place.

Cast iron soil stack replacement

Many older residential properties have cast iron soil stack piping; this pipe looks good outside the building, but it can be problematic if you make plumbing changes inside. The tube is usually too rigid and too large. So it becomes impractical to connect it to an old soil pipe. New waste pipes are almost always more accessible and cheaper to install than old ones. This is why they make modern plumbing products from durable plastic rather than metal. For more information about getting the services of a plumbing professional from Plumbers Harrow, learn more about the services provided under Local Plumber.

Connecting PVC to cast iron soil stack

First and foremost is that before you begin to remove the old soil and vent pipes, it is important to make a diagram or take a photograph of the existing system. Cast iron soil pipe is a popular choice for homes because of its durability and longevity. When remodelling your home or installing a new plumbing system, you may need to connect cast iron soil pipe to PVC. This can be intimidating, but with the right tools and instructions, it is fairly easy to accomplish. Whilst you go about with these types of segments for your home, you also need to lookout for any possible leaks. If a leak becomes a problem, then you can get a plumbing specialist from Plumber Harrow to come and conduct a leak detection Harrow.

Replace cast iron soil stack with PVC

PVC pipe is cheaper and easier to use. It is more durable than cast iron and is safer than metal piping, as it will not corrode or rust. It is also a recyclable product, making it even more cost-effective. PVCs are something non-toxic which means not containing poisonous substances. The plus point is it is safe to be used for all kinds of plumbing purposes. Several advantages exist for replacing cast-iron soil stacks with PVC.

PVC is a good solution for eliminating old pipes – which are failing in many regions – because PVC is inexpensive and easy to work with. The first and the foremost reason is the lightweight. Cast iron is heavy, so few plumbers are needed to remove them. Compared to cast iron, PVC is lightweight and easy to handle. Moreover, PVCs are cost-effective and flexible. PVCs have good durability, which means they can last for many years. Cast iron pipes on the other hand, are subject to oxidation, which causes them to deteriorate.