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Plumbers Harrow, Office 160, 176 Station Rd, Harrow, HA1 2RH


“We needed some major plumbing installation work, and had been unhappy with previous quotes, but Plumbers Harrow were by far the most reasonable offer we came across. The Plumbers Harrow team recently fitted our locker rooms with new showers, tiling and screens. They also replaced the toilets and urinals in the gents, and fixed a blocked drain in the staff locker room as well. The job was done to a very high standard and we are so happy with the results. The gym has never looked better, and all of our members are saying how nice it looks. We would like to say thank you to the team for doing such a fantastic job, and we will recommend them to anyone needing a Harrow plumber.”

-Stephanie Andrews, Manager, HLB Leisure, Harrow

“I had to call Plumbers Harrow when the pipe under my bath burst. Water was everywhere and I was really panicking, but the helpful 24hr Harrow plumber picked up my call the first time and assured me they would be there quickly. They also told me how to turn off the water so it didn’t get any worse – I think this probably saved my dining room ceiling! Within two hours a man had arrived, found the problem, fixed it and was on his way again. The lovely plumber was so helpful and understanding, and reassured me it was a simple fix. I was also very surprised how little it cost to call them out – they are certainly great value and I would recommend them for any plumbing jobs.”

-Abigail Waterson, Harrow

“As a landlord with seven properties to manage, I often found myself calling round for emergency plumbers and struggling to get a response. A friend in the business recommended Plumbers Harrow, and I have been using the company ever since. They are always available and offer a round the clock service, with very reasonable rates and such a friendly, helpful attitude.

Since switching to Plumbers Harrow I have happier tenants, more time on my hands and more money in my pocket – all of which are great reasons to recommend them. If you have commercial properties and need them looking after, you can’t go wrong with these guys.”

-Jacob Stevens, Harrow

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