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Blocked drains outside who is responsible?

Quite often, when you experience a drain blockage at home, that would be the last thing you would want to deal with. There is the hassle of lingering smells or the annoyance of having a blocked toilet which is simply, unpleasant. Usually, if the drain problem is within your property’s boundaries, you will have to seek the services of a specialist. But, what if the issue extends beyond your home’s boundaries? What do you do then? If you’re asking yourself, blocked drains outside who is responsible and you have no idea about, then it is good to prepare yourself. We, at Plumbers Harrow, always seek to update and inform you on the many facets surrounding the topic of drainage. So, read on to learn more.

Blocked drains whose responsibility

At most times, if the house is a terraced property, then there would be shared drains. However, this doesn’t happen all the time. Consecutively, semi-detached homes might have either shared or individual ones running. On the other hand, detached houses have their own individual drainage systems. If you spot any damage in your a bit of the pipe, then you will need to check it. When it comes to cost, our rates are reasonable. So, are you wondering as to what to do if you encounter a blocked drain outside? Well, if you think you have blocked drains outside your home’s boundary, then your local authority will have to check it. You can contact them and notify them of this.

What do I do if my outside drain is blocked?

There was a time a while back when the drains within your property and the lateral drains that extended towards the main line became the responsibility of a homeowner. However, around ten years ago, this changed. Today, all you need to worry about are the drains that exist within your property. So, this goes for any drainage network that extends to your garden, backyard etc. But, imagine if a block persists in a section of the drains that is just outside your property, then you need not worry about that. Either your neighbouring house will have to deal with it or your relevant local authority will.

How much does it cost to unblock an outside drain UK?

If you are still lingering on the question of blocked drains outside who is responsible, then read on. Unblocking a drain, which is an emergency work, our drainage specialist will charge a minimum of £145 plus VAT for one hour’s work. That would include using tools and equipment such as a jetting device. If a specialist uses a CCTV device to get a closer look, this would cost £160 plus VAT per hour. If an in-depth survey is necessary, also via the CCTV drain survey device, the specialist would record the survey session and spend time analysing it before preparing a report for the customer. It is a role that would also take an hour or so to conduct.

How do I know if my outside drain is blocked?

That is one thing you are sure to find out quite easily. A blocked drain is not something you’ll miss. If you’re in your kitchen and you notice water in your sink taking a while to drain, then there is a block. Something in the way of water that flows unhindered tends to cause these blocks. So, if water is draining slowly, then that’s one sign to consider. You could also experience an unpleasant smell lingering around your house. Your drains might be causing that.

You could inspect your drains outside. If you feel like inspecting it, then simply remove the drain cover and take a peek inside to see if there is any water close to the top. If there’s no water then the block could be somewhere further away from the top. If you’re clueless, then it’s time to call a drainage specialist to look into it for you.